Noir cinema, a film genre or not a film genre? ..

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“I killed him for the money-and for a woman.I didn’t get the money,and I didn’t get the woman.”movie-Double indemnity  (1946).

“That’s life.whichever way you turn ,fate sticks out a foot to trip you.”movie-Detour( 1946).

Some critics believe it is ,but some say ‘It’s a style of film making ‘,started in /around 1940s. The term noir was given by the French critic Nino Frank in 1946.

Noir ,literally means ‘black film’ or ‘dark film’,that portrayed the world of dark ,slick street crime.

Dark alley,shadows,smoke,shard of glasses and the traditional Venetian blinds were iconic and was stamping of noir cinema. 

Above all it talked about the dark reality, very different from the romantic comedies or for that matter realistic cinema but of romantic genre like the cult classic ‘Gone with the Wind’ that described the post civil war era in the most majestic manner possible. 

Coming back to noir cinema, movies like the Maltese Falcon or the Double Indemnity are the insignia of classic noir.


Martin Scorsese and Noir cinema ,most valid question -what is life

If we talk about noir cinema or to put aptly neo-noir,we think of movies like the China Town, made by Roman Polonski in 70s era just two years earlier ,happened the infamous Watergate scandal. This movie was loosely based on the scandal that made the then President of the United States to step down with the public apology,a scandal  that shook the trust’s of the millions of the American people. 

Noir cinema is made in a way that makes your belief system take a rethinking or may make you shudder in horror or pain.

It could make a Mafioso boss played by Al Pacino appear dashing hero although he is not and later as the Godfather trilogy takes its course, in one scene he appears broken man ,who has just lost almost everything he held precious. The  elements of a hardcore noir film traditionally includes dark alleys,broken shards of glasses,fedaros,bowler’s hat and long overcoat donned by the bosses of the crime world.

Martin Scorsese is a master of noir cinema , his collaboration with Robert De Niro is a ‘thing’ worth talking about in all its speculation.The two teamed up together and made some true cinematic masterpiece ,definitely these movies are for people who do possess an eye for ‘real’ cinema. De Niro drove taxis in ‘real life’ for a while to do the role of a taxi driver in the movie of the same title.Raging Bull is biopic of the boxer Jack Lamota, the cinema audiences were awestruck, so were the jury members of the Academy awards by the  impeccable portrayal of an Italian- American boxer.

In general noir cinema talks about the not good or bad but the ugly aspects of the city life that makes men from the town vulnerable and later drives them to their ruin or self destruction in the form of karma.

It beautifully tells about the underbelly of the city life that lures innocence of small places, turns them the anti-hero ,only to make the faulter,to make them understand what is life usually with bullets inside their bodies ,on their deathbed, wondering and musing on life.

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